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Marci Barker Fitness Programs
By: Marci Barker


Marci Barker Fitness Programs

Here is an overview of the current programs we provide. Please feel free to message Marci Barker Fitness on Facebook (click "Get Started") if you have any questions regarding the best place for you to start. Below we'll explain a few things about each challenge or program and give you a little insight to why we created it and why it works so well. Here we go! 

Healthy Eating Challenge (HEC)

This is perfect for you if - You need to improve your eating in small increments, be educated on how to do so, and be held accountable to making changes that make sense for your goals. 

Duration - 4 Weeks long. You'll always start on a Monday and the next challenge is starting this Monday

The 4 most important points - 

1. This is our most popular challenge for a reason. It gets results because it's in depth but very simple to follow.
Everyday, you'll be expected to track your progress through an organized form in your account once it's set up. The following day you'll receive personalized feedback from one of us trainers regarding what you need help with. 
 It is completely possible to lose weight during this challenge even though that's not the main focus. You will see progress in ways you didn't expect because of the simple but significant healthy habits taught.

4. You won't find a more supportive Facebook (FB) group to lean on while you're learning to improve and progress. This FB group is only for current clients so it's full of motivation and support from people who are making significant changes like you! 

Deal Breaker - This challenge is not for you if you know everything about food already because you're an expert and eat perfectly balanced meals according to your goals. ; )

A fun Testimonial - I have been overweight the majority of my life. I've tried everything to lose weight, from counting points to pre-packaged meals. Everything I've tried has been a temporary solution, and I've really yo-yo'd for the past 3 years. It wasn't until I found Marci Barker Fitness that permanent change really began to happen. I love that MBF is focused on education and knowledge, not only about food and the effect it has on my body, but about me, and how I need to change my mindset to change my habits. The Healthy Eating Challenges have helped me focus on foods that will help me be a healthier me. They have helped me change my focus from weight loss to health, which is a great mindset for me. All of the trainers at MBF are approachable, knowledgeable, and always ready to educate and encourage. The workouts are amazing, and there are various levels, so you will always find something to challenge you. I am so happy I started on this journey with MBF, and I know that as I continue on my journey to health, MBF will be with me every step of the way! - Alisa F. 

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Healthy Family Challenge (HFC)

This is perfect for you if - you've completed the Healthy Eating Challenge at least once. This challenge is basically the next HEC because you learn to transition your environment to be more conducive to what you've learned in the Healthy Eating Challenge. 

Duration - 4 weeks. Similar to the HEC, this challenge presents 4 weekly focuses that are sustainable and naturally help you improve your environment and those who live with you, no matter if it's your entire house of in-laws or  you and a significant other. 

The 4 most important points -

1. While still applying what you learned in the HEC, take your healthy eating routine even further and learn new, in depth concepts to start implementing yourself AND with your family (without nagging! yay!). 
2. Even more content and information on healthy eating is provided in this challenge. You can expect to learn valuable information that will keep pushing you towards your goals. 
3. We encourage thinking outside the box, trying new things, and creating a new normal in your home where everyone is on board, while simultaneously finding what works best for each individual. 
4. Learn how living a healthy lifestyle is FUN for the entire family and allows for more freedom and happiness in life. 

Deal Breaker - This challenge is not for you if you enjoy making two meals or  if you look forward to the fighting over meal time because the rest of your family doesn't like what you make. 

A fun Testimonial - What I loved about the HFC is that it brought us all together on the same page. Instead of just me making choices, doing all the leg work and understanding the why. My family now has an active participation in being healthy, willingly!! I wouldn't have been able to do this without this challenge. It's amazing how much easier it is when we are all in it together and enjoy making a healthier lifestyle for ourselves. - Megan C.

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Post Natal Challenge (PNC)

This is perfect for you if - You have recently had a baby and are ready to "get your body back" in a safe way while adjusting to a new baby in the home and finding a healthy balance physically, emotional and mentally. 

Duration - 4 weeks. This challenge also provides daily accountability (like in the HEC and HFC), and is packed full of awesome information and help that every new mom needs! 

The 4 most important points -

1. Workouts that are specifically designed to help heal and strengthen after pregnancy in a safe and effective way.
2.  Emotional and mental encouragement to help moms feel confident in themselves and all they are capable of. 
3.  Information provided by a Lactation Consultant as well as an additional personal trainer, who is a Labor and Delivery Nurse with a specialty in C-section care, and daily access to us personal trainers who have all had babies of our own! (17 and counting!)
4. You will learn about food guidelines and proper hydration to move you in the right direction to feeling awesome and reaching goals. 

Deal Breaker - This challenge isn't for you if you have not had a baby within the last 18 months or so. 

A fun Testimonial - I just finished the postnatal challenge and it was great! It included so much more than just exercise and eating habits. It was a great way to fully recover and to adjust to a healthy lifestyle with a new baby. The workouts start very easy with ways to make them more difficult and then get more intense each week. It's a great flow to get you use to working out each day. - Rowan B. 

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Body Sculpting Challenge (BSC)

This is perfect for you if - You want at home or gym workouts that require no equipment. These HIIT style workouts are created for the busy person to see quick results with both muscle tone, weight loss, etc.  

Duration - 4 weeks long with 4 weekly focuses and daily accountability to help you reach your goals and get assistance every step of the way. 

The 4 most important points -

1. Five full body workouts a week that can be completed in 30 minutes or less; anytime, anywhere. 
2. Three different levels of intensity that tailor to your own physical fitness level- demonstrated in exercise videos for every single workout. 
3. Workouts designed for fat loss, muscle tone, increased cardiovascular output, and more to get you the results you want. 
4. No equipment needed! These workouts are designed to get your body moving in an effective and efficient way. You can use resistance if you want, depending on your fitness level, but it is not mandatory. 

Deal Breaker - This program isn't for you if you don't want to work on cardiovascular health and strength through HIIT. If you want to focus primarily on using machines for more resistance then one of the challenges below will be a better fit. 

A fun Testimonial "I have just finished my first round of the Body Sculpting Challenge! It's been such a fun and educating challenge for me. I've gained muscle tone and a lot of confidence! Marci's programs totally work and the tools i've acquired and knowledge gained are priceless. Totally worth every penny!" - Emily Bailey 

Ready to join? Sign up here. Body Sculpting Challenge

Body Transformation Challenge (BTC)

This is perfect for you if - You have access to some type of resistance equipment (free weights, bands, or barbells, etc.) and are ready to get stronger, learn more about proper exercise design, gain confidence in your body and what it's capable of, and feel empowered and encouraged every day! 

Duration - 4 weeks including 4 weekly focuses and daily accountability. This challenge is not a "one size fits all" kind of program as you have personal trainers at your aid to help modify or amplify the workouts in whatever way is needed for YOUR body and YOUR goals. 

The 4 most important points -

1. Daily workouts including both weight/resistance training and cardiovascular training, designed in a specific way to give you the most bang for your buck. 
2. Detailed videos to accompany every exercise so you know exactly what to do and how to do it. 
3. Education on proper pre and post workout nutrition.
4. Weekly focuses that go beyond exercise. We work to transform the whole person so your results stick and you feel mentally and emotionally great from day 1. 

Deal Breaker - This challenge isn't for you if you don't want to spend the time learning more of the program design behind getting strong. This also isn't for you if you like to blow through your workout as quickly as possible. 

A fun Testimonial -"I loved the BTC! I have done some lifting prior but I loved having set workout to do and access to trainers to help me with all my questions! They helped me establish good form and confidence and I love how much more toned I look. I also love that I knew I was going to workout late and it made me want to fuel my body properly so I could do my best."   - Kara Burton

Ready to join? Message us on Facebook and we will get you all set up! 

Body Transformation Premier (BTP)

This is perfect for you if - You completed the BTC, feel confident to move on and are ready for a custom program designed specifically for YOU and your goals. 

Duration - 12 weeks; as this is a personalized program the details can differ depending on what each client wants/needs.

The 4 most important points -

1. After filling out an inclusive  questionnaire, your trainer will create a program designed specifically to what you need and want to reach your goals.
2. Regular check-ins and communication with your trainer of choice (openings are dependent upon availability of the trainer) 
3. Videos provided for all exercises given along with any modifications or notes necessary. 
4. Accountability and assistance in all aspects of health including physical, nutritional, mental and emotional to create a balanced healthy lifestyle. 

Deal Breaker - This program isn't for you if you haven't completed at least the HEC and BTC. This also isn't for you if you are not willing to invest in one on one personal training. 

A fun Testimonial - First I completed the Healthy Eating Challenge and then got an individualized workout program. I found the HEC to be easier to adjust to than I expected. I love that it actually teaches the WHY and HOW to healthy eating. I've always struggled with the way my body looks but as I kept strictly to my workout plan, I was able to strengthen and appreciate my body more. I have never worked harder for a weight loss goal. Healthy eating hand in hand with daily exercise helped me drop 15 pounds for my wedding. I can't express how great it was to be able to walk around confidently on my wedding day. That confidence has only grown as I've developed a consistent habit of exercise and healthy eating. - Taylor R. 

Ready to join? Message us and let's chat about what's right for you! We'll send over the questionnaire if we feel like we're a good match.  

Marci's Circle

This is perfect for you if - You want to be the trainers' number 1 priority and continue receiving the motivation and education to keep progressing. 

Duration - Monthly subscription. No contracts AND you will always have access to our private Facebook group and personal trainers. We take care of Marci's Circle first! 

The 4 most important points -

1. Each week you will receive an newsletter containing a 6-12 page article with a specific nutrition tip, a new workout, and a real life story of how it applies! 
2. Members of Marci's Circle are the first to know any news, discounts, special activities, and more that come to Marci Barker Fitness, and often times these things are exclusive to our Marci's Circle readers. 
3. Every 5th Saturday of a month you get a bonus- a special gift from Marci in the mail! 
4. Access to several additional guides and resources including the Meal Plan Database (an online recipe book with over 100 recipes and counting!), a foam rolling guide, and special classes that have been taught only to our Marci's Circle clients. 

Deal Breaker - This isn't for you if you don't want to be a involved in a community of supportive women who have been where you are. 

A fun Testimonial - I love Marci's Circle because it's like having Marci and her other awesome personal trainers in your back pocket! It helps keep me more accountable even when not in a challenge. The weekly newsletters have great information, ranging from self care to workout safety and more! The recipes are delicious, the workouts allow me to add variation to my routine, and the bonus information is always helpful! Oh and I LOVE the 5th Saturday gifts in the mail! - Amanda F.

Ready to join? Sign up here.

Macro Guide and Macro Customization 

This is perfect for you if - You've heard all the hype and you are ready to get started on tracking your macros!

Duration - The macro guide is completely free and you can get started at any time but we recommend going through the HEC to learn how to transition your foods instead of just follow numbers because numbers are not sustainable. 

The 4 most important points -

1.  Learn what all the macro hype is about how to start understanding how it can work for you. 
2. Having custom macros from Marci Barker Fitness help you skip the learning curve and get clear on what your body type needs. 
3. We also take into consideration things like lifestyle, current eating habits, quality of nutrition, etc. 
4. You'll fill out a 30 point questionnaire to help your trainer get to know what is attainable for you and how to reach your short term goal with macros.

Deal Breaker - Counting macros is NOT for you if you have tendencies of getting stressed or obsessed about food. It's also not for you if you put meeting numbers over quality of food. Lastly, if you don't know what is healthy and what isn't we recommend the HEC first because we teach you about macros in a way that gets you better results. 

A fun Testimonial - I LOVE custom macros. It helps me have a plan to reach my goals. I know how to eat to support my goals of becoming stronger and more muscular. I have been able to reduce my body fat percentage by 3% in the first 2 months by combining my personal eating plan and macros from Marci with exercise! - Jessica P.

Ready to join? Sign up here to get the free macro guide and you can get access to custom macros through your dashboard account. 


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