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Sitting Moves to Stay Active while Spectating
By: Marci Barker


Sitting Moves to Stay Active while Spectating

Summer is notorious for busy schedules and endless sporting events. If you are anything like me then your entire schedule of activities gets planned around a few main things.  This video and information is for you if you find yourself sitting and spectating more than participating. 

It's important that we recognize where we can make changes and never place blame on our lack of good health on a busy schedule. I promise you can have both and it's so rewarding (and less draining) when you know what works for your body. 

Soccer comes with lots of rules and things to watch out for which makes it fun to pair certain soccer cues with physical movements we can do right from our chairs. 

I demonstrate in the video how you can discreetly add some movement into your 90 minute watch time but I'll list them here as well. Watch for the cues and move your body accordingly.


WhistleTighten the core

Sit up straight, pull the belly button into

the spine while inhaling and exhaling deeply

Off SidesStand to tighten glutes

Stand up tall and pull the hips forward, squeeze your glutes and contract the hamstrings

When your kid touches the ballLeg ExtensionsSit in an upright position and extend out each heel out away from the body while keeping the thighs parallel to the ground
Fouls or unfair playScapular ContractionStand up to tighten the glutes and add the arm movement to contract the back muscles. Elbows should be extended backward and a focus on the shoulder blades should be emphasized
Kick OffHip Flexion and Hamstring StretchStand upright and extend the heel out and toe up while contracting the front of the leg 

There you have it. Super simple moves that aren't crazy and won't make you look like a fool. They are simply intended to help you have more body awareness.  And don't forget that eating well definitely plays a part in how you feel while on the road and spending lots of time sitting and watching. 

Check out my Healthy Eating Challenge where we talk about how to meal prep and eat according to your needs no matter your current exercise level. 

Lastly, always feel free to reach out to me and ask some questions. You can join my public Facebook group or message me directly here. : ) 

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