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Centering with Yoga
By: Katherine Purser


Centering with Yoga

Do you ever feel out of balance? Life can pull us in all sorts of different directions and leave us feeling frazzled and out of control. Taking time for ourselves daily is important to help us stay centered and focused on the most important things and keep calm when those crazy moments happen!

This yoga series focuses on centering and drawing inward. Muscle imbalances are common and can happen as easily as always shifting to one side while standing in line, or crossing legs and arms the same way, or using our dominant side to lift, pull, and reach for things. Pay attention to each side of your body and where you may feel muscle imbalances through strength or flexibility limitations. Take extra time on that side of the body to strengthen and lengthen.

Make it a goal to be mindful and present through each of these poses. As you physically bring yourself inward, think about how you can mentally and emotionally bring yourself inward also. Use an affirmation with each inhale drawing in goodness (strength, hope, peace, calm, power, control) and with each exhale releasing what you need to let go of (fear, guilt, pain, distress, hurt, anger). Being in the moment takes practice and may feel strange the first few times you do it, but like all things, practice will make it easier and more comfortable so don’t give up!

Whenever practicing yoga, always pay attention to your form and never strain to do a pose that you cannot safely do if you are limited by strength or flexibility. Follow instruction from a certified professional before trying new and challenging poses. Being patient and practicing regularly will ensure the most benefits. If you are pregnant, please consult with your physician what is safe for you and your baby!


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