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Open the Heart Yoga Series
By: Katherine Purser


Open the Heart Yoga Series

Our natural tendencies do not promote positive posture. For most people, it is very common to ‘slouch’ (round our upper backs and shoulders forward and down) when sitting and standing. Our day to day activities do not provide many opportunities to reach up or open our arms wide. We are constantly reaching forward and inward, whether we’re in the workforce sitting at a desk, or a mom holding babies, our daily motions affect our postures over time. Sitting for long periods of time also shortens the hip flexors and elongates the glutes which can lead to common low back pain. Opening the front of the hips and strengthening the glutes can be a small change that will make a big impact.

This yoga series of Opening the Heart focuses on reversing the effects of our daily activities. Learning some basic exercises and poses to open and stretch the front of the body can relieve some common tension that builds throughout the day and over time.

Remember to pay attention to your personal strength and flexibility limitations. You may consider watching the video a few times or pause while you practice a couple of poses at time to ensure you are paying attention to any discomfort and not straining to while doing the exercises. Whenever practicing yoga, always pay attention to your form and never strain to do a pose that you cannot safely do if you are limited by strength or flexibility. Follow instruction from a certified professional before trying new and challenging poses. Being patient and practicing regularly will ensure the most benefits. If you are pregnant, always consult with your physician what is safe for you and your baby!

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