Are you trying to eat healthy but not seeing results?

Why should I try the Marci Barker Fitness Healthy Eating Challenge?

I could list a thousand reasons why I know my Healthy Eating Challenge (HEC) is the right path for you, but the one that seems to come up most from my clients is this: it works.

The Marci Barker Fitness HEC guides you along a path to health and wellness like you've never encountered. We don't focus on low-calorie, no-sugar dieting – we've all been there and know how that turns out (usually with a pint of ice cream in the pantry after the kids are in bed). REAL, sustainable, healthy living isn't about fads or extremes; it's about balance.

My HEC will introduce you to the foods that are right for YOU – foods that will keep you full, foods that you enjoy, and food you can buy in an actual grocery store. In addition to the meal plans, we'll focus on sleep, water intake, self-care and exercise, giving you all of the tools you need to change your life and start seeing results.

How is this program different?

I get it – you are tired of waking up to the same old gimmicks: take this pill, "just" workout more, only drink lemon juice. . . these diets are not only terribly unhealthy but nine times out of ten, they leave their victims feeling even more insecure and desperate than when they started. I'm on a mission to end it.

Warning: in my program, you will not receive a booklet or a guide or a list of the foods that you should and shouldn't be eating – that isn't how the program works. Over four weeks we will focus on bettering yourself through small changes to your food, your sleep, your life. I pace my program so that is it 100% sustainable and enjoyable for my clients.

In my HEC, there are no supplements, no energy drinks, no restrictive diets and no gimmicks. It's me, you, and your willpower. I'll guide you, step-by-step, through what it takes to stop being frustrated and start being successful. No more fad diets, no more comparing your plan to anyone else's. The Marci Barker Fitness Healthy Eating Challenge is where the rubber meets the healthy living highway.

So what do I have to do?

28 days. That’s all I ask. Give the Marci Barker Fitness HEC just four weeks to change your life. These 28 days will be the most educational month in your life.

Our next Healthy Eating Challenge starts on Monday November 19th. GET STARTED TODAY!

Because of the way the program is structured, there is a limited number of spots available so be sure to secure yours today.

The cost of my personalized, four-week program is $67 – that’s less than $17 per week to have access to:

  • Our weekly focus videosThat teach the importance of balances, sustainable living
  • Access to live group trainings
  • Daily check-ins with a certified personal trainer (and HEC lifer!) Where you can receive individual advice and coaching on your daily adjustments
  • A Personalized Accountability Dashboard Where you can track your food, sleep, water and other aspects of the challenge
  • Additional Bonus Challenges (To maximize your results)
  • Additional third party group support
  • Daily Motivation Emails & Important Tips (To keep you motivated)
  • Plus so much more...

If you are tired of the up and down dieting and the commitment to impossible food plans, LET ME HELP YOU! Healthy living is a battle best fought as a team, and I’m here to help you reach your goals.


I just got finished with the Healthy Eating Challenge With Marci and I fell absolutely fabulous. I thought this challenge would be easy since I wasn't much of a sweet tooth. Oh boy was I wrong, it was rough. There is WAY more to eating healthy than not eating "candy". I learned how to fuel my body with the correct foods, but most importantly my family has had some great quality time together making and eating foods we feel great about. I also learned that you can eat healthy on the go, which in the always on the go world we live in now is a very important lesson to learn...

Kayla Kerr Eborn

Just finished the Healthy Eating Challenge and I have learned SO much about making smart food choices to better fuel my body. Marci explains in a way that is easy to understand why some options are better than others and her information made avoiding unhealthy things like added sugar and refined grains so much easier. The tips for meal prepping were so simple and easy that even I was able to do them. Checking in each day with the accountability quiz helped me stay on track and helped keep a "bad" food choice day from becoming a week of bad choices. This program helped me overcome some unhealthy habits that I had been struggling with. Thank you Marci for your help, support and encouragement!

Megan Burt

Marci Barker Fitness is SO awesome. I have struggled for so long to get my eating and exercise routines under control. I had two goals to start with during the challenge: keep sugar intake under RDI and exercise everyday. During the Healthy Eating Challenge and BodySculpt Challenge, I have accomplished my goals! I have almost cut my added sugar to zero and I have exercised every day. I am up to a 30 minute run with no walking. That is a huge accomplishment for me! All thanks to MarciBarker FitnessInstructor!!

Amy Weaver

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to give up my favorite foods to do this challenge?
A: Absolutely Not - I will teach you the proper methods to eat correctly and then you can decide what works best.

Q: Is it counting calories?
A: No, we do not count calories. We will talk about how to reach your goals with your food intake and calories do play a role in that equation but we focus more on macro nutrient ranges and less on calories and the number on the scale.

Q: Will I gain the weight back after the challenge.
A: What I teach is designed to be 100% sustainable so you shouldn't gain any lost weight back after if you continue to live by the principles you learn.

Q: Where is the shopping list?
A: There isn't a shopping list for the challenge. I will teach you the methods or principles so you can actually know what is healthy rather than blindly following.

Q: Are there specific meal plans I need to follow?
A: No, I will teach you the proper way to eat and hold you accountable but you can decide what you eat. I do have a meal plan database that will make it much easier for you if you are interested in adding specific meals to your menus.

Q: Do I have to exercise?
A: While I do encourage it, you can transform your body with just your food intake. I do hold you accountable for moderate exercise but it can be whatever form you choose; walking, cardio, lifting, etc.

Q: How long does the challenge last?
A: 4 weeks. There are daily focuses to track as well as weekly focuses that allow you to improve your diet one aspect at a time. By the end of 4 weeks you will have learned how to fuel your body correctly.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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* Money back guarantee good for 28 days from start of challenge.
* To qualify for the double money back guarantee you must complete all 28 days of challenge including adding 1 picture weekly to prove you did the entire challenge and no weight was lost and you had no other health benefits.

Are you committed to change NOW?

Today is the day that we make a change. Don't be caught one month from now, wondering "what if. . ." Commit. Come with me on this journey and finally see the results you've been looking for.

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