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Why Marci's Circle...

Each newsletter in Marci's Circle has 3 components (Workout, Recipe, Education) which will be described below but first there is an introduction each and every week.

We'll always provide motivation that is focused on the emotional/mental aspect of health and fitness. This first portion of each newsletter will give you a new clear perspective on why we pursue a healthy lifestyle. Each week when the newsletter comes out you'll be able to feel energized and ready to take on the new week with power.

Keep your exercise regimen fun and exciting. Real progress comes from changing things up and challenging your body with new formats and movements that require you to increase your abilities. The workouts in Marci’s Circle will always be different and challenging. They’ll help you think outside the box and take you back to the basics of just moving your body at a level and pace that's right for you. We even have workouts written and demonstrated by a Physical Therapist. This means when you have specific muscles that need to be challenged or strengthened we'll create a workout just for you.

The universal question "What’s for dinner" has been put to death in Marci's Circle. Each week you’ll receive a new recipe to add to your tool belt of meals for you and your family. These recipes are meant to be simple, enjoyable, and relevant to the current season. Yay! You won’t be drinking green smoothies all winter long nor eating soups in the middle of summer. Getting recipes straight to your dashboard every week ensures you are keeping the cost of healthy eating down and maximizing the benefits of incorporating new foods into your menus. Bye bye Pinterest search! You'll have everything you need right here!

Education and Motivation:
This section of each newsletter comes in the form of a bonus topic. Education ranges from experience of successful members, important messages from Marci Barker Fitness, special promotions about upcoming challenges, or information from experts in the health and wellness field. Also, as a member of Marci's Circle you get discounts on just about everything!


  • 1 Workout Per Week
  • 1 Recipe Per Week
  • 1 Bonus Article Per Week
  • 5th Saturday Bonus
  • Bonus Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Special Challenge Discounts & More

Marci's Circle is a whole 'nother ball game for you to progress. While Marci's signature challenges are primarily focused on accountability and weekly focuses, Marci's Circle is constantly providing you with new material to up your game wherever possible. Not to mention, members of Marci's Circle always come first! It's like have a personal trainer in your back pocket!

You'll get all the tools you need to make fitness FUN. When you enjoy your progress it becomes SUSTAINABLE and you will feel great every single day of your life.


(Comments taken from Facebook)

I love being apart of Marci's Circle. It just gives me that little extra. The workouts are always great and a nice change to my routine. Also it gives you more great recipes that you can't get in the database. And last but not least I love the message each one has. I'm not always in challenges but getting that email every Saturday is the boost I need each week to continue on with my journey.

Cortney B.

I love Marci's Circle because it's like having Marci and her other awesome personal trainers in your back pocket! It helps keep me more accountable. The weekly emails have great information, ranging from self care to workout safety and more! The recipes are delicious, the workouts allow me to add variation to my routine, and the bonus information is always helpful!

Amanda F.

I always get a lot of good information / education on various topics from Marci's Circle. For example one week Marci's Circle was all about shoulders and exercises specifically for shoulders. It was awesome because I've had two shoulder surgeries on my right shoulder. I love the recipes and special thoughts and messages in MC. The 5th Saturday of the month has a special surprise bonus!

Kathy C.

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About Marci

Marci is a certified Personal Trainer, Weight Management Specialist and Fitness Instructor. She first found her love for teaching health and fitness while completing her Bachelors degree in Physical Education and Health. She also received her secondary teaching license.

Although Marci has a love for teaching others, she is adamant that it all starts in the home. Marci is married to her husband Aubrey and together they have 4 little girls.

Don't Wait Any Longer

Do you feel like everything is out there on the internet but trying everything would just be a waste of time? Isn't it frustrating to find a good looking workout only to discover that it's completely out of your range and abilities?

Pinterest and YouTube often get so scattered! When you finally find something that looks doable you have to leave your window open (so you don't lose it) and then wait for the convenient time to try it out.

Same with recipes. You want to do something new but don't have the ingredients on hand so you "pin it for later" and you never even end up making it.

Then let's throw into the mix "healthy" recipes. Not only do the recipes have tons of ingredients you've never heard of but it's not actually healthy at all! They're either straight vegan or "protein" balls packed with sugar. Such extremes and really disappointing too.

I have been there. And I remember how frustrating it was to feel like you are eating healthy but still not seeing results. Pinterest and Youtube have their place but Marci's Circle is THE place to stay organized, know what's really healthy, AND get the help and expertise to adapt workouts to YOU! Every. Single. Saturday.