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Don't Let Summer BBQ's Sabotage Your Goals!
By: Katherine Purser


Don't Let Summer BBQ's Sabotage Your Goals!

Memorial Day is around the corner which means Summer is here! With BBQ’s, vacations, and late nights, you can still enjoy social eating without sabotaging your goals (or packing ALL your own food, seriously, who wants to do that??!) Here are 5 KEY TIPS to stay on track and stay positive:

1) Win the Mental Battle First: one meal will not ruin your goals or reverse your progress. How many meals/snacks do you eat in one day? Let’s say an average of 5 (Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner). Now multiply that by 7 for one week’s worth, that’s 35 meals/snacks in one week. Now think about that ONE BBQ, that’s only 1 meal out of the 35 in that week! 2%! The other 34 meals you have complete control over what is offered. Right? Well what if you have 2 BBQ’s in one week? Or 3? That’s still only a small percentage of meals YOU choose vs. Social Meals.

2) BYOH- Bring Your Own Healthy: If you bring the healthier side dish, you’ll know there will be at least ONE healthy option, and you can feel good about the leftovers too! I love chips, like really love them. And I know if I have them in my house I will eat ALL of them, so I rarely have them in my house! When I’m at a BBQ or other social meal, I will enjoy the chips there knowing I won’t eat the whole bag and I won’t be taking them home to my kitchen, win-win! This also goes for meat and drink choices, bring your own healthier options if you feel like you need to and be sure to pack a water bottle!

Check out these recipes for Healthier Summer BBQ Food Options!

3) Make the Most of What’s Offered: What are the BEST food choices offered? There are always healthier options, even if it’s not YOUR normal ‘healthy’ options. If you know you’ll be having dessert, try balancing your carbs by having your burger in a lettuce wrap, or open face with one side of the bun on the bottom and lettuce on top. Another option is to load up extra lettuce and make your burger/chicken/steak into a big tasty salad with all the veggie options.

4) Follow the 80% Rule: Overeating NEVER feels good, does it? Nope. It leaves us feeling tired, sluggish, sometimes even ill, and can bring up feelings of regret (go back to Tip #1 and don’t beat yourself up!). Eating to 80% full, even if it’s not the healthiest food options, will ensure you’re not overeating and you can still enjoy yourself socializing!

5) It’s Not All About the Food: have a game or activity planned to remove yourself from the food table when you’ve reached your 80% full and those potato chips are still staring you down! Physical activity is proven to curb appetites so try getting yourself moving before the BBQ while you’re waiting for that perfect burger on the grill. Volleyball, badminton, kickball and frisbee are great options or try more simple games for younger kids like tag, red rover, duck-duck-goose or Simon Says.

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