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Metabolism & The Fat Loss Mindset
By: McKenzie Kidman


Metabolism & The Fat Loss Mindset

One of the most common mindsets for fat loss is "if I could just exercise more and eat less, then I will finally reach my goals" but that honestly couldn't be more wrong. In fact, thinking that way and performing that way will actually hamper your ability to reach those goals.

Our bodies NEED healthy food to progress, see changes, and feel awesome inside and out. Without food, progress will come to a sudden halt very quickly. In my profession, one of the most common culprits that I see with people struggling to lose weight is that they aren't eating ENOUGH food. It's not that the aren't necessarily exercising 'the right' way, it's not that they aren't making healthier food's that they aren't eating ENOUGH! 

If we hit the gym, having eaten very little, where in the world is the energy coming from to actually exercise? Food = FUEl. Bottom line. We need food so that our bodies can function! Without it, how do you expect it to do what you want and get the results you want?  

Hitting the gym running on empty can in turn cause you to hang on to the fat rather than burn it. Why??

Fat in the body is essential.  The body NEEDS it (not excess, but a healthy amount) to survive and to run the way that it was designed to run. Fat plays a huge role in how the body functions. If you aren't getting fuel from your food, yet still hit the gym to burn some calories the body reacts with "woah lady! We don't have any calories to spare! You aren't feeding me enough to keep up with the energy output so we are just going to cling to this fat for safety. Because we need it!" Make sense? 

Let's chat for a second about metabolism. You either have a fast metabolism or a slow metabolism, right? ACTUALLY, think of it as you either have a hot metabolism or a cold metabolism. Let me explain...

A calorie= Heat

The body= Heat generator. 

The body runs off 'heat' just like a car runs off gas, ok?  If a calorie from the food we eat, is the ticket our body needs to generate heat....then the more (healthy) calories, the hotter the body. The few calories the colder the body. 

Okay so if fat (which is a lipid) can only be burned or 'melted' by turning from solid form in to a liquid form, then there needs to be a heat source, right? 

When the body gets hot enough, it can "melt" the lipids (fat) and in turn burn them. If the body is not generating enough heat, then it cannot get hot enough to burn the lipid. You with me? 

So, let's change that mindset to...

" I need to EAT so that I can exercise" rather than "I need to exercise so that I can eat"

The first mindset is far healthier, sustainable, and more CORRECT that the second mindset. It will actually help you reach your goals. It trains the body to be fueled and full of energy so that exercise does what it is actually supposed to and burns what it intends to, while making you feel awesome. It trains the mind to recognize the importance of healthy food and it's important role in fat loss and feeling good, rather than thinking we need to exercise first and then eat as a 'reward'. 

BUT that's not all. Be sure to consider all aspects of a healthy lifestyle as well when it comes to fat loss. How are you sleeping? Are you getting enough? Are you managing your stress well and taking time for yourself? Are you taking time to recover from your workouts? Are you drinking enough water? 

So much plays in to fat loss and come from a girl who once had the "If I could just exercise more and eat less.." doesn't work and it is an unhealthy way of thinking!

Start with learning healthy habits to implement on a daily basis so that you can reach your fat loss goals in a sustainable and healthy way. Check out our Healthy Eating Challenge start right away! 

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