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Back Pain Relief During Pregnancy
By: Katherine Purser


Back Pain Relief During Pregnancy

Ah! Such a Pain in the Back!

Every person and every pregnancy is different so making sure you are paying attention to your body and consulting your doctor about any concerns is very important. Back pain can be a common ailment during pregnancy and after. With a growing belly, we tend to have a more severe back sway and losing core strength can take a major toll on our backs! Taking good care of core strength and flexibility can alleviate some common problems and build strength for back pain prevention.

There are a lot of different exercises that can be done to 1) align the spine, 2) maintain core strength, and 3) improve spinal flexibility to relieve some of that pain. These exercises are considered safe for a normal pregnancy not requiring high risk attention. Again, consult with your physician about what is safe for you and your baby! 

Child’s Pose


Forward folds

These exercises can be done daily and as often as needed. Being used as a warm up and cool down for workouts or alone for relaxation and back pain relief. Remember to always consult your physician and modify as needed to ensure you and your baby are safe!

*For more great exercises check out the Body Sculpting Challenge here. In the Body Sculpting Challenge you have access to a Personal Trainer every day! If you are pregnant this program can still be ideal for you, and we as Personal Trainers with Marci Barker Fitness can help you modify the exercises as needed throughout your pregnancy!

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